Countdown to the 2019 Men’s World Teams

The WSF Men’s World Team Squash Championships is just around the corner, continuing a 50-plus-year tradition that began in 1967 in Melbourne, Australia.

We’ll be counting down to this year’s event in Washington DC – the first to be staged in the USA – with more memories from previous events … stay tuned !

#8 : 2011, That Final in Paderborn

In recent years the WSF Men’s Teams has been dominated by Egypt and England – between them they’ve won the last six events, and have contested the last three finals.

2011 in Paderborn, in most observers’ opinions, set the gold standard for the event in terms of facilities, organisation and more, and it got the final it deserved as Egypt dramatically beat England.

Relive that final, and the rest of the event …

#7 : 1995, England claim their first title

After competing as part of Great Britain for the first seven editions, England made their first solo appearance in Sweden in 1981 (and have competed in every edition since).

It wasn’t until their eight appearance that they made the top of the podium though, triumphing in 1995 in Cairo. The competition featured a record – and maximum – 32 teams, competing in the now-familiar Pools (eight) followed by Playoffs starting with quarter-finals (the Pools were seeded, so that three teams qualified from Pools A and B plus the winners of C and D).

England beat Pakistan in the final, both teams having qualified from Pool B – and third placed Egypt also came from that Pool!

Other names you may recognise from this edition :  Jonathon Power (debut for Canada), Thierry Lincou (debut for France), Derek Ryan and Steve Richardson (Ireland), Brett Martin & Rodney Eyles (Australia), David Evans & Alex Gough (Wales).

#6: 1977, Here come Pakistan

The 1997 event took place in Toronto and Ottawa and featured 8 teams playing a round robin. It was Pakistan who claimed a first title, winning on countback over New Zealand and Egypt while the North Americans, possibly due to their preference for hardball, finished at the bottom.

Pakistan – who are missing the 2019 edition, having competed in the previous 23 events missing out only in ’73, went on to win five more times, four in a row from ’81 to ’87 and then again in ’93.

#5: 1976, Great Britain end Aussie grip on the title

Hosts Great Britain, after four second-place finishes, finally take the title as they come top of a ten-team, two-pool format.

#4: 1973, Same again for new-look Aussies in RSA

Held in Johannesburg, South Africa, Australia fielded a new team in this fourth edition but still finished on top to make it four out of four with Great Britain once again second, and newcomers USA last.

#3: 1971, Hat-Trick for Australia

The 1971 championships were held in New Zealand with 7 teams. For the third time in a row the Australian team won, and with the same four players with which they won earlier championships – Geoff Hunt first among them. Great Britain, Pakistan and Eqypt followed.

#2: 1969, Australia retain in the Midlands

The 1969 event was played in several cities around the Midlands of England , but it was Australia who triumphed again, with the same four players as in the first event – and Egypt were last (of six).

Note: United Arab Republic was a political union between Egypt and Syria from 1958 to 1961, but Egypt was still officially known as that until 1971.

#1: 1967, Australia win the First World Teams

The home team went away the inaugural Champions, followed by Great Britain and New Zealand.